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16:00 UTC
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New drop is coming to Artdott platform on December 28th! The drop features the remarkable talent of Selay Karasu, an accomplished young artist in the digital art world. Selay will present three artworks for our collectors to mint on December 28th at 16:00 UTC. Selay Karasu is a Turkish artist that specialises in immersive and generative art. Characterising her work as an "organic order in chaos," Selay explores the intersection of art and science, with a particular fascination for mathematics and natural geometry serving as the foundation of her artistic practice. One of the highlighted pieces, "World Wide Mind (WWM)," encapsulates the shared memory of humanity. It contemplates the evolution of 24 years of Internet data, transitioning from a centralized structure to a decentralized, highly connected organism. This artwork delves into the concept of human-computer interaction, treating the Internet as a collective global mind, ultimately manifesting as a complex biological form on a colossal scale. WWM is also a result of collaborative work with Tugce Joy, a cognitive scientist and researcher at Harvard University. takes a profound dive into the intricate processes intertwining organic and machine elements, akin to the era when prehistoric organisms took their initial steps into a new world. The symbiotic organisms depicted in this artwork grow into everyday life revolutionising the world order of the future. However, the question remains open: Are we ready for this impending change?