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Artdott event Taras Zheltyshev to talk about his latest NFT drop

Taras Zheltyshev to talk about his latest NFT drop

00:00 UTC
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Taras will reveal more details about new inhabitants of YOOMOOTA universe: Dark Curiosities Brom and Phrans. We will also discuss about very special creatures Pillmen and their role in human lives.

YOOMOOTA is a parallel universe with its own planets and inhabitants. YOOMOOTA is a reflection of the inner world and natural structure of a human being. The inhabitants of YOOMOOTA project human emotions and personify human physiology, while transmitting the reality and issues of modern society.

Artist Taras Zheltyshev defines YOOMOOTA as the main object of his creative research and materializes his discoveries and knowledge about this universe through NFTs, mini-sculptures, paintings, posters and animation.

June 29, 4 pm UTC