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Artdott event New Drop. “Invincible Corals” series.

New Drop. “Invincible Corals” series.

We are excited to introduce the latest release from Henry Hu—a series of three artworks created from the immersive installation "Invincible Corals," which continues the exploration of endangered ocean life. Drawing inspiration from diving the USAT Liberty shipwreck, Henry Hu has crafted generative digital corals capable of adapting and flourishing on any surface they are projected onto. The installation "Invincible Corals" has earned a nomination for the prestigious AEAF 2023 award.

We take immense pride in showcasing four pieces derived from this acclaimed artwork originally featured in Vivid Sydney 2023. The art-work, "Frame of Life" (“Invincible Corals 001”) portrays a diverse array of beautiful corals that have made a home on a man-made structure—the remaining fragments of a shipwreck. These corals have miraculously transformed the lifeless metal into a thriving oasis of marine life.

The "Favia Corals" piece is meditative in its depiction of patterns featuring ridges and valleys, generated through mathematical equations. The final artwork “Glowing Coral” sways with the currents, captivating viewers with its mesmerising motions. The artist skilfully accentuates the graceful movements, and observing the corals glowing in the dark provides a truly magical experience!