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Artdott event INTERVIEW WITH RAGENFECTION: “I aspire to spread joy, forge meaningful connections, and cultivate new friendships”.

INTERVIEW WITH RAGENFECTION: “I aspire to spread joy, forge meaningful connections, and cultivate new friendships”.

16:00 UTC
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We met with Ahmed Muntasir, also known as Ragenfection, to learn more about his art before the drop of his new digital art collection “Enchanted Connections”. Ragenfection is a self-taught visual artist and art director who aims to create a world where everyone can freely express their thoughts and ideas.

Q: Hi Ragenfection, we love your art! What is your primary goal when creating your pieces?
A: When creating my pieces, my primary goal is to convey a subjective meaning that resonates with a broad audience. I believe that art's inherent value lies in its ability to hold various interpretations. Therefore, I strive to infuse my works with compelling narratives or messages, prioritizing the emotional impact and connectivity they evoke.

In search of reality
In search of reality
Q: What do you hope viewers will take away from your collection, "Enchanted Connection"?
A: "Enchanted Connection" is a collection that unveils stories of interconnections prevalent throughout nature. It draws inspiration from my fascination with the intricate web of connections, visible on both micro and macroscopic levels. Moreover, it encourages viewers to explore the profound relationships linking us to one another and the immense power they possess, driving the entire universe. The collection invites the audience to discover and appreciate nature's complexity and beauty while also exploring a diverse range of emotions and colors derived from human experiences.

Q: What inspired you to create "Velvet Ride," the artwork featured in your collection?
A: "Velvet Ride" was born from a deeply personal experience that profoundly impacted my perspective on life. It reflects the loss of someone dear in my life. Rather than succumbing to sadness, I choose to cherish the moments shared with that individual, bringing me true happiness. However, a lingering desire to spend more time with them often resurfaces.
Velvet Ride
Velvet Ride
Q: What themes do you enjoy exploring in your art?
A: One theme that greatly excites me in my artistic journey is fostering interaction between my artwork and the audience. I aim to create a sense of inclusivity, allowing everyone to engage with and appreciate my art. To achieve this, I am constantly exploring and experimenting with new technologies. Additionally, I find immense inspiration in exploring nature, human connections, and the broader concept of interconnectivity. I seek to portray these themes in fresh and innovative ways, offering new perspectives to viewers.

Q: What are some of the significant challenges you have faced in life, and how have they shaped your identity as an artist?
A: One of the most significant challenges I have encountered in my life was establishing my identity as an artist, particularly coming from a region where art was not widely recognized as a viable profession but rather a hobby. However, as I have grown and gained recognition, I have managed to reshape people's perceptions of art, highlighting its inherent power and cultivating appreciation for it. This journey has not only inspired others to start creating but has also witnessed a shift in perspectives toward the significance of art.

Q: How does your personal experience as an outsider influence your art?
A: My personal journey as an outsider has greatly influenced my art. I have encountered challenges in forming connections and expressing certain emotions to specific individuals, leading to misunderstandings. These collective experiences have fostered a unique perspective takin to that of an outsider. Being an outsider grants me the ability to step back and observe situations from a broader lens, enriching my artistic expression. Through my art, I aspire to spread joy, forge meaningful connections, and cultivate new friendships. Ultimately, these experiences inspire me to continue creating.

Q: What have you learned from the artists you admire? A: The artists, philosophers, and creative minds I deeply admire, such as Brooke Shaden, Christopher Nolan, The Weeknd, and Albert Camus, possess a remarkable ability to perceive the truest form of things and imbue their visions into their work, making it truly extraordinary. I have learned that the most admirable quality among these individuals is their capacity to perceive the inherent truth and authen'city in everything they encounter. This thought process serves as the star'ng point and the most crucial aspect of any artistic creation.
Why we collide
Why we collide?

Q: What advice would you offer to fellow artists striving to find their own voice and express their unique perspectives?
A: To fellow artists seeking their own voice and expressing their unique perspectives, I would advise them to embark on a journey of self-discovery. Embrace your true self, avoiding the temptation to be like someone else. This process will enable you to perceive your own essence most authentically and provide a solid foundation for projecting your visions onto your work.

Drop “Enchanted Connections” by Ragenfection – July 23 2023. 16:00 UTC