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Impossible Realities Drop

16:00 UTC
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Artdott is delighted to present a new drop by Paris-based artist Impossible Realities.

Check this page on June 7th 16:00 UTC to get access to the drop!

Price 59.33 MATIC = 50 USD

5 pieces to be released – 50 limited edition per each artwork

Impossible Realities creates dystopian and futuristic dark artworks from his dreams. Exploring cyber culture and cyberpunk aesthetics, Impossible Realities visualises a future that may not be so distant from us.

When robots are merged with humans, at which point cyborgs can be considered as part of our society?

Working at the dawn of the new digital era, the artist builds his universe of characters that may fool you by appearance. Sweet and pleasant at first, they all have their dark stories to tell.

In a dystopian future, gemstone-encrusted implants merge with the human body, granting extraordinary powers and blurring the line between man and machine. These jewel-embedded devices, pulsating with ethereal glows, augment sensory perception, strength, and energy manipulation. However, they also symbolize a stark societal divide, with the wealthy elite flaunting their opulence while the majority languishes in poverty. This fusion of precious gemstones and futuristic implants epitomizes a paradoxical blend of beauty, innovation, and social inequality, leaving the world teetering on the brink of an uncertain future.

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