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Conversations: Conscious Fluidity

11:38 UTC
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Artdott is pleased to announce the latest exhibition, ‘Conversations: Conscious Fluidity’, in collaboration with Q9, a full-service crypto investment platform for individuals and institutions. Taking place at the Q9 Crypto Hub, the presentation is a physical showcase of Non-Fungible Tokens (‘NFTs’) featuring a select group of Artdott’s premier artists.

The exhibition runs from 1st - 30th June 2022.

Examining topics that relate to nature, society and imagination, the works of six NFT artists are presented in three parts, respectively titled ‘Fragile Balance’, ‘Symbolic Unity’, and ‘Alternative Me’. Alluding to factors that both constitute and symbolise human reality and existence, the artworks showcased are by Andy Thomas, Margo Trushina, Francesca Ruth Levuu, Kelsey Rath, John Wong, and Taras Zheltyshev Presented together to weave a story, the curated selection of NFTs in varying styles and formats create a conversation that is as thought-provoking as it is indicative of our times.

We are proud to collaborate with Q9 Capital, that combines innovative products and personalised service to deliver a simple and safe solution for crypto investing.