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Artdott event COMMUNE. Artdott and fabric collaboration.

COMMUNE. Artdott and fabric collaboration.

15:00 UTC
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We are excited to announce our collaboration with fabric, one of the leading nightclubs in London.

We have been working together with fabric team to bring you Commune, an innovative and immersive concept that will take place 1st October 2023 at 16:00.

Commune offers a unique experience, inviting attendees to delve into a state of intimate, heightened sensitivity and receptivity through a captivating fusion of ambient explorations of intelligent electronica to selector-style house and indie dance & melodic rhythms combined with an immersive experience of digital art brought by Artdott.

Artdott, a WEB3 leading art on demand platform for boundary-pushing digital artists, will showcase a captivating exhibition of digital art, presenting a leading global artists Henry Chu, XRT, Tatak Studio and other captivating artists from Artdott collection.

Attendees can also contribute to the magic through an interactive art station provided by Are You Mad, the world's first urban closed-loop plastic recycling studio. The combination of art and music will foster an atmosphere of creativity and collaboration. 

Join us on Sunday 1st October from 16:00 at fabric for the launch of Commune. For more info and tickets please press the button "Buy Tickets" above.