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Artdott Private Collection Artist

XRT is a Hong Kong-based technology-driven artist group that explores the intersection of art, technology, and culture in the computing age. XRT collective work is focused on creating art installations and experiences that challenge and question our perception of reality using extended reality, immersive technology, and artificial intelligence. (-) The artworks of the art group have been selected for international exhibitions such as the Microwave International New Media Arts Festival 2018, the International Symposium on Electronic Art ISEA2019 Gwangju 2019 and The Hopper Prize 2019.
(-) (-) Group members (-) (-) <b>Henry Lam </b>(-) Born in 1988, Henry is a creator across multiple disciplines, including motion graphics, show/theatre design, experience and interactive design. With years of experience in art and design and having job nature often involve cross-field collaboration, he is fluent in transforming ideas to meaningful visual storytelling and breathes artistic insight into all kinds of experience. With the rise of immersive technologies and new forms of experiential design, he along with talents in different discipline forming an art group - XRT, to collaborate and search for ways of narration and explore our own culture in the computing age. (-) (-) <b>Fo Liu & Dino Fung</b> (-) Having years of experience in the field of visual production and creative consultant, Fo and Dino joins the XRT as creative producer, offering insights regarding technologies, hardware implementation, and operation.


I AM/WERE HERE/THERE - wedding street 3
Rim City_part A
Rim City_part B
I AM/WERE HERE/THERE - wedding street 1
I AM/WERE HERE/THERE - wedding street 2
Weathering Memories_part A
Weathering Memories_part B