Taras Zheltyshev

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Taras Zheltyshev

Artdott Private Collection Artist

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Taras Zheltyshev, a Russian NFT artist, received an education in the field of medicine, but shortly before having to defend his thesis, he changed his profession and became an artist. Today Taras is one of the most authentic multidisciplinary artists. The distinctive features of Taras’s are biomorphic images and forms, as well as the application of his knowledge of natural science in the creation of works.Taras has been working on his carefully created NFT YOOMOOTA universe for the last two years. Thanks to creating of unique avatars it became possible for anyone to discover and understand themselves through YOOMOOTA. Collectors can create something of their own and leave a mental particle of themselves in the universe. YOOMOOTA is a reflection of inner world and natural structure of a human being. The inhabitants of YOOMOOTA universe project human emotions and personify human physiology, while transmitting the reality and issues of the modern society.


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