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" Simplicity is the key to Powerful Connections "

Ahmed Muntasir also known as Ragenfection is a self-taught visual artist, art director, and passionate Business Student at the Goodman School of Business in Canada. His unique perspective on life is rooted in the belief that our emotions and feelings shape our very existence. Inspired by his own experiences as an outsider, Ahmed channels his expectations, imagination, desires, and frustrations into his creative endeavors.Expressing his thoughts through art has become Ahmed's mission as a creator. He has always found it challenging to articulate his ideas verbally, feeling a constant barrier between himself and others. This sense of disconnection has fueled his desire to create a world where everyone can freely express their thoughts and ideas. Ahmed seeks to break down these barriers by finding powerful and accessible ways for people to connect and share their perspectives. </br></br>Artdott is proud to present the new drop by Canada based artist Ragenfection. The new collection “Enchanted Connections” will be released for sale on July 23rd 16:00 UTC.
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In our view Ragenfection is a modern Rene Magritte of digital art. We love his irony in approaching questions of nature while testing the boundaries of reality. Drawing upon psychoanalysis and unconscious, he leads us to a dreamlike world full of associations that subvert reality. Looking for uncanny in the everyday life Ragenfection has made surrealism his state of mind.
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The “Enchanted Connections” puts separate elements of the collection such as stairs, whales, flowers, and humans into coherent art pieces thriving on paradoxical combinations and widening constraints of the rational mind </br> </br> Let’s submerge ourselves to the enchanted world of Ragenfection!


Celestial Control
Collective Luck
Save Me from My Blues
Air Traffic
Deeply Tethered
Unraveling Harmony
Velvet Ride
Freshly Bloomin'