Impossible Realities

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Impossible Realities

Matthieu Martin, better known as Impossible.realities, a young French 3D artist based in Paris.

After studying architecture and graphic design, he started to take an interest in 3D and digital fashion garments in 2020 and has been creating 3D artworks almost every day since.

Matthieu’s unique style is often inspired by the cyberpunk universe, which gives his creations a more futuristic sense.

His artworks have been featured in exhibitions such as Cyberpunk vol2 by RNDMGHOST at SuperChief Gallery NFT NewYork, Los Angeles & Shibuya, Bright Moments at Kraftwerk Berlin, and Envision The Future by Visualatelier8 at Doingud & at ETH Barcelona.


Battery charging in the alley
Citrine Implant
Emerald Implant
Ruby Implant
Kunzite Implant
Sapphire Implant