Henry Hu

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Henry Hu

" Your title doesn’t define you, what you do does. "

Henry is an accomplished artist and designer who brings a unique blend of creativity and technological prowess to his craft. Having spent 26 years in Shanghai before making Singapore his creative hub, Henry possesses a deep understanding of both art and technology. His work is a captivating fusion of these realms, driven by the profound impact of beauty and art on transformation. Employing a masterful combination of illustrations, motion graphics and 30 generative art, Henry reimagines novel perspectives to address the world's challenges. A testament to his artistic prowess, his immersive masterpiece “Invincible Corals” was featured in Vivid Sydney 2023 reflecting his mastery of merging art and technology.


Dream Depot
Vortex of Illusion 001
Invincible Corals 003 — Favia Coral
Invincible Corals 004 — Glowing Coral
Rhythmic Chroma
A Dance of Light 001
A Dance of Light 002
A Dance of Light 003
Impossible Pathway 001
Invincible Corals 002 — Coral Symphony
Vortex of Illusion 002
Quantum Strokes
Invincible Corals 001 — Frame of Life