Francesca Ruth Levi

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Francesca Ruth Levi

" Video Artist "

Francesca Ruth Levuu is a UK video artist who often incorporates mixed digital mediums in their work. They work with installation art through films and digital video art. Levuu’s work was shown at the Brighton Festival in 2021, the Rotterdam International Film Festival in 2019. In 2022 Francesca presented an installation titled “Songs to The Soul” that incorporated peoples lost memories and music used in key life rituals. Memory, mythology and nature are often weaved into their work. Francesca also runs a short film festival called Everyday Arias, which focuses on opera and folk music, celebrating the magic of song in every aspect of life.


The Harebell
Grainy Blossom
Bottle Green Sea
After Rain
Witches Wood
Ether to water
Autumn to Winter
Sweet dreams
When You Sleep For Too Long
From Earth